Hello, and Welcome to the East County Internal Medicine (ECIM) Website. We are an independent, full service Internal Medicine Office, what is also known as a Primary Care office. We accept all major insurances and you will be under the care of Dr. Shaan Kunwar, board certified in Internal Medicine.

Shaan Kunwar DO

Update 3/2021

Welcome to the ECIM website.  We wanted to provide an update on operations here at the office over the past one year.  The practice continues to steadily grow, and we are grateful to the community for this. 

East County Internal Medicine is delivering the highest quality Primary Care in the area.  The time spent with each patient face to face, doctor to patient is markedly elevated over the national average. This has led to documented improved outcomes for our patients. 

The referral process is a critical function of the primary care physician and Dr. Kunwar expects the highest quality proceduralist encounter for his patients.  On that, we are highly selective of the specialists we use, to serve the patient’s best health interest.  Dr. Kunwar plays an active role before, during and after the specialist care. 

We recognize and exceed the standard of care and practice evidence-based medicine.  The solo practice environment has become increasingly rare and much of our positive feedback from over 1000 patients has been the appeal to the size and consistency of the office.  There is a strong feedback of discontent among patients when placed in a large corporate medical environment, as they relate these stories to us at the new patient visits here.    

Current mask policy is wear one if you wish, but it is not required.  Telemedicine has become a convenient and recommended option if the patient wishes to remain remote. 

Dr. Kunwar does not wear a mask, due to lack of compelling evidence and/or demonstrated efficacy of mask usage against a contractable airborne virus disease at this time.  Furthermore, lack of compelling evidence against proof against harm, and/or breech of informed consent, is why no patient is forced to wear one here.

Dr. Kunwar has a Masters degree in molecular biology from Thomas Jefferson University, and has research and work experience in a virus production facility for gene therapy applications, and will be happy to answer any virology related questions.

In other news ECIM has launched a new Medical Aesthetics segment, using the Opus Plasma System from Alma Lasers for various skin rejuvenation applications.    We decided to launch this due to the increased demand and growth in the medical aesthetics sector.   

It was felt that ECIM is in a position to offer a level of security and legitimacy to the potential client in that services will be offered at board certified Internal medicine doctor’s office.  Perhaps even more importantly, the treatments  produces impressive results  with minimal downtime to the patient.  You will be treated by Anita Kunwar.

A big key to the successful collaboration between patient and physician here at ECIM is its size.  Being an independently owned medical practice, allows us to maintain a small front-end and a sincere patient doctor experience.  There is no phone tree here, the staff is 4.    Each patient receives excellent and quick accessibility to care from a nimble practice. 

In other news, students have been continuing to rotate through the practice. This includes LECOM medical students, ARNP students from various colleges and PA students, even high school students.  Whether the student is permitted in the exam room is always up to the patient, the majority of patients welcome them and in doing so play the most active role in the student’s clinical education, and we are appreciative of that from our patients. 

ECIM’s Medical Cannabis program continues to grow in good fashion, and we are proud to be offering that service to the community since 2017 at an affordable price.  The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, patients are getting relief, and access to high quality, regulated cannabis that can be accounted for from seed to sale.  We are especially grateful to all the referrals we have received from within our own patients, that they trust us and are gaining access to the Florida Medical Cannabis program at an affordable cost.  We are grateful to our Physician partners, and their referrals, we are humbled by this, and are happy to offer relief.  We are also grateful to the partnerships we have forged with the local Dispensaries. 

Last but not least, Alicia and Derekia have been with us over 2 and 1 years respectively and are happy to announce this milestone.  Both are simultaneously studying for acceptance to an RN program and again are happy to provide them an environment to both work and learn.  They both perform their roles well and are efficient, and well-liked by the patients.  The relationships they have built over time with our patients is special to see.

There is an update, and thanks for reading.  We will see you soon. 

ECIM 3/2021